We believe in the chill in dance.

“Darling, don’t ever be too shy to dance your heart out.”

At ChoreoLounge, we aim to provide dancers a happy, safe, and relaxed dance experience, where different choreography styles are explored, open movement and open minds are practiced, and friendships are made. We’re set on bringing the magic of dance to our people of all levels, backgrounds, and stories. Dance is for creativity. Dance is for confidence. Dance is for connection. Dance is for growth. Dance is for healing.

Dance is for everyone.

Our sessions are led by fun, inspirational, and rockstar choreographers committed to the chill and to make sure no dancer is left behind. We believe that each person has their own dance journey, and so, we move at the class’s pace and offer modifications. Sessions consist of a short warm-up, a choreography combination broken down step-by-step, and optional group videos. ChoreoLounge makes it a commitment to leave the stress, judgment, and intimidation that traditional dance classes can often bring outside of our sessions.