We believe in the chill in dance.

As dancers get older, busy schedules and careers tend to discourage and many times, (gasp) stop them from dancing. At ChoreoLounge, we aim to provide a safe and happy space for adult dancers to continue to explore their craft and passion.

Join a session to discover, learn, and practice choreography with old and new friends. Inspired to work on your own? Teach a session to create, share, and experiment choreography with us. All those steps you put together in your head while listening to a song on the subway? Make it come alive. We're here to dance with you. Bring us your magic.

All sessions are taught by a scheduled choreographer. These choreographers are real people with real lives with a real itch to keep on dancing #f*ckadulthood #danceismypassion. Sessions consist of a short warm-up, a choreography combination, and group videos (only available during our 90 minute sessions). ChoreoLounge makes it a commitment to leave the stress, judgment, and intimidation that traditional dance classes can often bring outside of our sessions.

Warning: All questions (and dirty jokes..) will be welcomed.